My name is Adriana Dobrin and I’m studying a Bachelor's degree in Film and Television in Metropolia. My main orientation is cinematography/editing and sound. Even though I started my studies last year in 2020, I have long history of working in the media field - mainly as a photojournalist and videographer. 

I strongly believe that photography and video making goes well hand in hand. Photography skills have helped me to build up my artistic point of view which I can benefit greatly in the video making. I can use my artistic ability to strengthen the visual content in the video project. I’m also fascinated to work with music and to use it in the projects. I’m keen to learn more new audiovisual methods and contexts in the fast growing media field. 

I’m very hard working and reliable. I do my tasks well and with dedication. I get a long with different kind of people and I’m eager to learn new cultures. I respect people around me and I’m keen to learn from others as well.

I would love to work with you in the near future! :)




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