Hi there! My name is Adriana Dobrin. I am a Finnish documentary and portrait photographer located in Helsinki. I am fluent in Finnish and in English. 

I have a degree in photography studies from the Academy of Pekka Halonen from where I graduated in 2015. During my studies I did my photojournalism internship in the largest subscription newspaper in Finland. My second internship was at the local television channel where I worked behind the studio video cameras.

As a photographer, I am versatile. I am able to photograph in special occasions, such as in weddings, fashion shows, music events, bachelorette parties and birthdays. 

Currently I work on several personal long term projects in Finland and abroad. Travel portrait photography and filming have been the biggest areas of my interest. It has been very fascinating and eye opening, because I get to meet new people and interact with all kinds of personalities. 

Be free to contact me for more information and assignments. I look forward to hearing from you! :)

+358 50 575 1222



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